A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a game based on depression in a young male. You play as Ty, a 16 year old going through his daily life. You have the choice to interact with Ty's mum and friends and throughout these conversations Ty's emotions begin to unfold. Ty's depression is an ongoing journey from when his father left without warning.

The game navigation is simple as you move the character through the game using arrow keys to move from room to room, and space bar or left click to interact with the other characters in each room. As you travel through the rooms, you are accompanied by a scribbled figure. The scribble figure represents his depression being with him at all times.

This is essentially a 'not game' or 'arts game'. It is based on a progressive story line where you have to travel to the end to get the full story.

Created by: Claudia Greene, Ryan Little, Laura McCurry & Shannon Taylor


'I'm Okay' Finished.exe 10 MB


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Hi there! thank you for your feedback, it's much appreciated!:) The game slows down to start drawing on ideas of depression and that he doesn't want to interact with the kids at school. At the last part of the video if you continue to go back using the left key the game continues :)